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Getting Things Done the right way in a techie world

Have you every wondered how we can be focused the right way in a techie world?  With the mass amounts of information on your iPhone / Android or other mobile device?  Have you struggled trying to find the right path for organizing your life.

My Background:

My kids go to Upwards Soccer for learning some great skills for sports (and life).  While during the devotional time, the speaker mentioned the acronym, G.E.M.  Which stands for “God, Everyone else, and Me”.   Well that spawned a few personal goals in my life.  Amazing what you learn at something that’s not really for you!!  Go upward sports!!

  • How do we get organized with that GEM concept in life?
  • Ever find yourself working too much on the wrong “bucket” in life?   I have..

Well here’s a solution for you and your mobile world.

Getting Organized

I have an iPhone, and also use a great iPhone app called Gee Tasks.  In the past, I struggled with organizing my daily routine in this GEM concept until now.

Getting Things Done (GTD) concepts

Here are some quick solutions based around the GTD concepts by David Allen.  This was a great way to organize my life not only at work, but also at home.  I actually found a set of GTD cd’s at my local library, which cost me no money!  As a side note, if you want an AWESOME way to organize your life financially, check out Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.  I’m taking this course right now.  More of that to come in the future.

Quick Concepts

  • Next Action List (primary and most active todo list)
  • Projects (A project is defined if there are more than one task associated with the “item”)

GTD Workflow


As you see below, I’ve ordered them alphabetically and prefixed with “a”, “b” and so on.  This allows me to keep on track with things that are important the most.

I have two priority buckets:

One is the “Great Bucket List”.  This is my running list of things that I think of during the day that grow my faith and help others around me.

Secondly, is my “Next Action To Do” list.  This is my primary focal area where I want to get the most done from my time.  I constantly go to this one.  When, I need to move one to the next, it typically goes into my “Next Action” list.

Above, looke at the “proj” lists.  This is a GTD concept that works well.  If any task requires more than one item (IMO: typically > 3), then create a “proj Something”.

Below is my “Great Bucket List”.  This is my list that keeps my faith walking down the right track.  Typically this is where most of my most treasured ideas and thoughts are stored.  This is my “God” first section of the GEM concept.  Notice how I prefix things with “gd”.  This is important on the next screenshot.

Next Action List

Below, this is my main line so to speak.  This is my tracks that keeps me on course, and on track.

Now most things are prefixed, and suffixed as well.  This allows me to do several things:

  • Quickly gauge which “project” is getting the most attention.
  • Time suffix allows a quick gauge of how I can knock off a few quick items, or “burn down” some minutes on a big time task.

With Gee Tasks, it allows me to quickly sort / move a task from one item to the next as well.  Also, since it’s integrated with Google Tasks (add email), you can quickly add a task via google tasks, then synchronize them with your Gee Tasks automatically.

With GTD, this article barely scratches the surface on how effective you can be with lists.  I’d highly recommend looking into the concepts.  It’s the only solution that’s helped me clear my mind on ideas, thoughts, and todo’s.  And then, you need to focus on most important, which is your “next action” list.  In many cases, you must frequently (at least once a day) scan all projects for activeness or status.

I hope this keeps you better focused with life’s most important things.  Time is valuable so choose it wisely.  I’ve found learning about my faith in god takes time.  That time is so rewarding what the lord offers me in life.  It’s changed my life.  That’s why I’m writing this..  I hope it helps you now.