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Missouri Renewable Energy

This is one of the best places to learn about the latest in Renewable Energy in Missouri. They have workshops about bio-diesel, hydrogen fuel additives for cars, solar energy, etc. Also, they have several energy fairs to quickly learn about all of the technologies. Some fairs are located in New Bloomfield, Marshfield, and St. Louis, MO. I’ve been to one so far and it was worth every minute of the drive. Take a look at:


First Blog of the Blog

My first blog. Wow, hope no one reads my worthless junk. This is in hopes of my dream to become completely self sufficient as a consumer.

My goals of the blog:

  • Linux blogs: A great place to remember all of great “other” sites out there where I can remember how I mounted my secondary drive, installing print drivers, getting VMWare loaded for Windows, finding a DVD burning solution. BYE BYE WINDOWS. I’m tired of you.
  • Solar blogs: I’d like to learn even more and spread my knowledge of solar in the state of Missouri. Right now, I know enough about solar to start building a bigger community of solar in the state. More to come on what I have and my goals of solar.